Il n’y a pas de hasard, il n’y a que des rendez-vous


St. Barth is a French caribbean island renowed for its beaches, restaurants, wine cellars, shopping, nautical activities and informal quality of life.

Its area : 9,5 sqm

Population : French

Capital : Gustavia

Official language  : French

However English is widely spoken


Euro is the official currency but the dollar (US$) is commonly accepted. Credit cards: Visa Master and American Express – Inquire about the exchange rate


Tips are not compulsory. Service charge is included in the bill.

Voltage        Electricity is 220V – whereas it is 110V in the States

A converter is needed. Most  recent laptops and cell phones have the double voltage.


Water is rare and precious in St. Barth as there are no natural sources The supply of fresh water is provided both by a desalinisation plant and rain. In St. Barth there is a big difference between using water and wasting it.


Tropical climate. Temperature year round averages 84°F

Time difference

The time in St Barth is – 4 Greenwich Mean time

From New york winter: +1h

From Paris winter: – 5h

From Paris summer: – 6h


Two ways to reach St. Barth from the International airport of St Marteen – SXM

By plane:

Scheluded flights are available between the island of St. Barth and both airports in Saint Martin/Stt Marteen :-  Princess Juliana International Airport located in the Dutch side, St Marteen and                                          L’Espérance Airport located in Grand Case, French side of  Saint Martin

St. Barth airport (SBH) can land only small planes (maximum 19 seats) and is not equipped for night flights

2 Airlines

Winair : www.fly-winair.com

St Barth Commuter : st-barth.commuter@wanadoo.fr

By ferry

The Voyager ferry: 1h15 from Marigot (french side) – www.voy12.com

Great Bay Express ferry: 45 minutes from Philipsburg (dutch side)


International airports connecting to St. Barth

From/To Princess Juliana International Airport (SXM) at St Marteen (dutch side): 10 minute flight

From/To Pointe à Pitre airport in Guadeloupe: 1 hour flight

” From San Juan  Puerto Rico, 1:30 hour flight with the company Tradewind Aviation”


Immigration procedures

All travellers need a Valid passport to pass the Immigration in St Marteen

UE citizens need a valid ID card to enter St. Barth

According to some countries a Visa may be required

St. Barth Frontier Police Information +590 5 90 29 76 76

Saint Barthelemy is a french overseas community where French law applies.

Phone calls

International call  to Saint Barth :  dial  + (590) 590 and the 6 digit numbers

To call from the USA to St. Barth :  011 (590) 590 and the 6 numbers

National and local calls

St. Barth, St. Martin frenchside,  Guadeloupe and France: 05 90 & the phone number

To call St Marteen from St. Barth : 00 599 54 & the 5-digit numbers

From St. Barth to call the USA: 00 1  (area code)  and phone number

International cell phones work in St. Barth but an international roaming is needed

Driving in St. Barth

A valid licence is needed

Helmet and belts mandatory.

Driving on the right side.

Going around  :  few people “walk” in St. Barth

Taxis are available from the airport and Gustavia

Cars, quads and scooter rental available on request.

Calendar of Events

Pitea Day : November

New Year’s Eve Regatta : December

St Barth chamber music Festival : Mid-January 2011

Carnival : February – March

Saint Barth Bucket Regatta : End of March

Saint Barth Sails : Beginning of April

St Barth Film Festival : Mid-April

Book festival : April

Saint Barth Theatre festival : Mid-May

Music festival : June 21st

Neighborhood Fairs : July-August

SBJAM Music Festival : Mid-August